Power devices on wide-bandgap semiconductors

Field of studies:

Physics and technology of SiC-based power and pulsed power devices


Research and development of the first Junction Field-Effect Transistors (JFETs, 1988-1989) — high-voltage Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes — first high-voltage, subnanosecond Drift Step Recovery Diodes (DSRDs) — high-voltage Ultra-Fast Avalanche Diodes (UFADs) — analytical theory of surface capacitance for semiconductors with deep dopant impurities — analytical theory of the power SiC accumulation-type MOSFET — analytical models of DSRDs — new methods of extracting the parameters of surface states at the SiO2/SiC interface — eхperimental studies of high-field electron transport.

Current interests:

  • New edge termination techniques: positive and negative beveling, edge semi-insulating layers;
  • Reliability issues: surge currents, avalanche capability, high dV/dt stress;
  • Ion-beam modification of SiC: compensation of dopants, adjustment of lifetime of minority carriers;
  • TCAD-modeling.


P.A. Ivanov, Dr.Sci,
leading researcher,
head of the group
Last updated: September 2020