Hydrogen energetics

Group participants:

Glebova N. V., Kastsova A. G., Krasnova A. O., Nechitailov A. A., Pelageikina A. O.

Field of studies:

The group (head: D.Sc. A. A. Nechitailov) specializes in the development of technologies for electrochemical power engineering, fuel cells (FCs), electrolyzers and supercapacitors. At the moment, the main work is carried out in the field of hydrogen energy including development of functional electrode materials for the proton-exchange membrane (PEM) FCs. The research is aimed at improving efficiency of energy conversion in electrodes. Special attention is paid to catalysts based on platinum as warranting the best efficiency, the Nafion polymer and various carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes, carbon black or graphenes.

Main achievements

Both fundamental and applied results were obtained of which the following are considered the most important:

  • development of the materials exhibiting the advanced technical characteristics (power density 1 W/cm2, electrical efficiency about 50 %). The characteristics are obtained at the temperature of 80 °C, under pressure of 2 atm in an oxygen/hydrogen medium, loading condition for platinum on the cathode is about 0.1 g/kW;
  • creation of the prototypes of power sources with rated power of 5 W and 50 W;
  • development of the original technologies for electrode materials for low-temperature fuel cells whose characteristics are not inferior to the best world achievements. In these technologies, three fundamental principles are implemented: i) increase in the activity of platinum due to cocatalysis with functional groups on the carbon material, ii) formation of an island structure of a proton-conducting polymer (Nafion), and iii) creation of a highly porous electrode structure.


A large fraction of works is being done in framework of partnership with the colleagues from the laboratory of Aleshin A.N. and the laboratory of Gurevich S.A. (Ioffe Institute). A part of the research is carried out jointly with specialists from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Southern Federal University and ParisTech. The group also cooperates with domestic producers of carbon materials and polymer materials: NanoTechCentre (Tambov) and Plasmas (SPb), Plastpolymer (SPb).

Some publications:

  • Krasnova A. O., Glebova N. V., Nechitailov A. A. A method of a catalytic layer formation of a PEM fuel cell. RF patent No. 2701549, priority dated 12.24.2018.
  • Nechitailov A. A., Glebova N. V., Koshkina D. V. Fuel cell and fuel cell stack. RF patent No. 2496186, priority dated 19.04. 2012.
  • Glebova N. V., Nechitailov A. A., Krasnova A. O., Tomasov A. A., Zelenina N. K. Composite cathode of a hydrogen fuel cell with high energy conversion efficiency // Technical Physics. 2019. Vol. 64, 12.P. 1879-1884 DOI: 10.1134/S1063784219120077.
  • Glebova N. V., Nechitailov A. A., Velichko E. N. Characteristics of the composite platinum-carbon electrode containing carbon nanofibres // Journal of Physics: Conf. Series. 2019. V. 1238. P. 012004 DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1236/1/012004.
  • Menshchikov V., Alekseenko A., Guterman V., Nechitailov A., Glebova N., Tomasov A., Spiridonova O., Belenov S., Zelenina N., Safronenko O. Effective Platinum-Copper Catalysts for Methanol Oxidation and Oxygen Reduction in PEM FC // Nanomaterials. 2020. 10(4). 742; DOI: 10.3390/nano10040742.

Projects and awards:

  • St. Petersburg Government Prize (L. Euler Prize), 2019
  • Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the series of works “Development of scientific and technological principles of energy-efficient electrochemical energy conversion systems”, 2015
  • FTP GK No. 02.740.11.0051, 2009-2011, “PEM fuel cells with increased power density based on highly efficient composite nanocatalysts”
  • Federal Target Program GK 16.516.11.6135, 2011-2012, “Conducting problem-oriented exploratory research in the field of creating energy-efficient compact power sources with a capacity of at least 50 W based on PEM fuel cells”
  • RFBR No. 14-29-04050 ofi-m. Investigation of the influence of strong electric fields on the properties of metal nanocatalysts of the oxygen reduction reaction and the development of structures for cathode catalytic layers of solid polymer fuel cells with a specific loading of platinum less than 0.1 g / kW, 2014-2015
  • RFBR, No. 14-08-31343 mol_a, Electrode processes in PEM fuel cells containing functional additives of carbon nanotubes, 2014-2015
  • RFBR No. 16-08-00797, 2016-2018, Features of structure formation and transport properties of composite electrodes containing a proton-conducting polymer-Nafion, nanostructured platinum and porosity modifiers – graphene-like materials, carbon nanotubes
  • «UMNIK» Russian grant for young researchers. Project “Development of an electrode with a significantly reduced amount of platinum by improving transport properties”, 2015-2017.


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Angelina G. Kastsovaakastsova@yandex.ru
Anna O. Krasnovakrasnova@mail.ioffe.ru+7 (981) 833-77-32
Andrey A. Nechitailovaan.shuv@mail.ioffe.ru+7 (953) 368-96-09
Anna O. Pelageikinapelaanna@yandex.com
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