Fabrication and characterization of Silicon nanowires

Group participants:

Bolshakov V.O., Ermina A.A., Prigoda K.V. (temporarily not a lab member), Tolmachev V.A., Zharova Yu.A.

Field of study:

The group is focused on investigations into the optical properties and morphology of Silicon nanowires obtained by a metal-assisted chemical etching.

Research objectives :

The group is working on the following problems:

  • clarification of an effect of pre-treatment of the Silicon wafer on the catalyst deposition, creation (by etching, diffusion or ion doping) of the nucleation centers for subsequent deposition of the metal;
  • investigation into the interrelation between morphology of Si-based nanostructures and properties of the starting material, the patterning type of the deposited catalyst nanoparticles and the conditions for catalytic etching;
  • study of the function of an oxidant and an etchant in process of catalytic etching;
  • formation of the structures with the desired topology by a catalytic etching of Si;
  • multi-angular polarization measurements of the fabricated Si nanostructures using spectral ellipsometry technique as well as extraction of the dielectric functions and layer parameters within the effective-medium models.

Some illustrations:

SEM image of the silver film after chemical deposition from a 0.02 Mol AgNO3 + 5 Mol HF (1:1) solution
SEM image of Silicon nanowires obtained after chemical etching in a 5 Mol HF + 0.3 Mol H2O2 solution

Some publications:

  • Zharova Yu., Ermina A., Tolmachev V., Pavlov S., Koshtyal Yu. Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science. Vol. 216. No. 17. pp. 1-7. (2019).
  • Zharova Y.A., Tolmachev V.A., Pavlov S.I., Ermina A.A. Silicon nanowires and their characterization in the process of metal-assisted chemical etching of c-Si using spectroscopic ellipsometry // Journal of Physics: Conference Series – 2019, Vol. 1400, No. 5, paper No. 055013.


V.O. Bolshakov lion080895@gmail.com
A.A. Erminaannarermina97@gmail.com
K.V. Prigodakristina_prigoda@mail.ru (temporarily not a lab member)
V.A. Tolmachevtva@mail.ioffe.ru
Yu.A. Zharovapiliougina@mail.ioffe.ru
Last updated: July 2021