Technology of Silicon micro and nanostructuring

Group participants:

Astrova E. V., Li (Fedulova) G.V., Lozhkina D.A., Parfeneva (Chernienko) A.V..

Field of research:

  • Electrochemical etching of n and p-Si. Macro- and meso- porous silicon. Periodic and random structures with a high aspect ratio of pore depth to diameter. Studies of anisotropy effects in pore formation.
  • Anisotropic chemical etching of silicon. Wall array structures of high aspect ratio on (110)-oriented silicon substrate.

Application sphere:

  • Silicon microphotonics and integrated optics: 1D и 2D photonic crystals of middle IR spectral range, microcavities and photonic crystal heterojunctions. Optical anisotropic media. Composite structures Si-liquid crystal. Tunable photonic crystals and microcavities.
  • Si based anodes for Li-ion batteries: periodic and random macroporous silicon, sintering of Si nano-powder, carbonization of Si and SiO by means of fluorocarbon. Whiskers of silicon carbide and its role in anode material.

Equipment and processing:

Computer-aided set up for photoelectrochemical etching from ET&TE company (Germany),  set up for anisotropic chemical etching in KOH, photolithography, high temperature treatment in inert atmosphere, pressing of powders, diffusion doping, thermal oxidation, vacuum evaporation, galvanic deposition of metals.


There are links to the lists of publications co-authorized by the group members: Dr. Astrova, Dr. Li, Ms. Lozhkina, Dr. Parfeneva.

Some illustrations:

High aspect regular structures obtained by photoelectrochemical etching
High aspect regular structures obtained by anisotropic chemical etching
Structures obtained by photoelectrochemical etching and anisotropic postanodisation treatment


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