Ellipsometry of thin films, layers of nanoparticles, textured structures

Group participants:

Tolmachev V.A., Zharova Yu.A.


The group specialized in ellipsometry exists in the Laboratory since 1999, the number of its participants varied depending on demand.

Field of studies:

Spectroscopic ellipsometry of thin films, layers of nanoparticles, textured nanostructures (metals, dielectrics, semiconductors).

The group disposes at two ellipsometers (spectral and scanning) and an advanced ellipsometer with capabilities for characterizing scattering surface structures and metamaterials. This ellipsometric complex and advanced software make it possible to perform studies of various structures fabricated in the Power electronics laboratory and some other laboratories of the Institute. Currently, using the simulation of thin-layer and surface structures, conditions are being developed for obtaining the “metal-dielectric” structures on Si and the prediction of their plasmonic properties is being performed.

Main achievements:

  • Prize of the Ioffe Institute competition for the best work 2005


Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland . Also an interlaboratory partnership within the Ioffe Institute.

Some publications:

  • Electro-tunable in-plane one-dimensional photonic structure based on silicon and liquid crystal // Tolmachev V.A., Astrova E.V., Perova T.S., Zharova J.A., Grudinkin S.A., Melnikov V.A. // Appl. Phys. Lett., v. 90, Paper No. 011908 (2007).
  • Kudoyarova V.H., Tolmachev V.A., Gushchina E.V. // Study of the composition, structure, and optical properties of a-Si1−xCx:H〈Er〉 films erbium doped from the Er(pd)3 complex compound // Semiconductors, v. 47, № 3, pp. 376-382 (2013).
  • Study of the optical properties of silver nanoparticle layers and Si-based nanostructure layers // Tolmachev V., Zharova Yu. // Phys. Status Solidi B, Paper No. 1600758 (2017).
  • Tolmachev V.A. // Optical properties of one-dimensional photonic crystals obtained by micromatchining silicon (a review) // Optics and Spectroscopy, v. 122, № 4, pp. 646-660 (2017).
  • An Ellipsometric study of thin-film structures of amorphic hydrogenized Carbon and Gold nanoparticles // Tolmachev V.A., Shcherbinin D.P., Konshina E.A. // Optics and Spectroscopy, v. 127, № 5, pp. 919-923 (2019).


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Yu.A. Zharovapiliougina@mail.ioffe.ru
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