The history of the laboratory goes back to early 1960s. Traditionally, its research activities were primarily focused on pulse power devices.

The founder of the laboratory Professor Igor Grekhov, in 1960-1975, was one of the principal members of the team (led by V.M. Tuchkevich) whose work provided a basis for establishing the high current semiconductor device components industry in the USSR. This allowed a drastic reduction of energy consumption in power supply applications.

The research efforts resulted in invention of the new-type high-voltage pulse power semiconductor devices covering the duration range of the switched electric pulses from hundreds microseconds to dozens of picoseconds. These devices have found numerous applications for power lasers, accelerators, wide-band radar engineering and many other research and industrial technologies.

The major silicon devices developed at the laboratory are:

– reversely switched dynistors (RSD), microsecond range;

– drift step recovery diodes (RSRD), nanosecond range;

– silicon avalanche sharpening diodes (SAS), subnanosecond range;

– field-controlled integrated thyristors, microsecond range.

Apart from Si devices, the laboratory is performing research and development of the SiC high-voltage and pulse power devices.

Other topics of solid-state physics such as high temperature superconductivity, ferroelectric (PZT) memories, tunneling MOS structures, optoelectronics of porous Si were also studied in the laboratory.